Saturday, December 4, 2010

Winter's Here

Hello again!  I am back in the city after a lovely Thanksgiving break.  I got to do a lot over the break but it felt so short!  While in Portland I...

Took embarassing pictures of my Dad.

 Had a delicious Thanksgiving meal with my family.  It was a great night.

Saw the Ducks beat Arizona at Autzen Stadium.  Go Ducks!

Got to see my dog, Lucy, who I miss so much at school!

  I also did some running, some Barre3 classes, shopping, and more.  It was so nice to be home.  Can't wait for winter break in less than 3 weeks!
  But then it was back to NYC.  I took a redeye on Sunday night so I could optimize my time at home.  But the flights back and the connection in Chicago at about 4 AM was rough.  At the airport though I got to use the cute Hannukah present Jenna made me.  Thanks Jenna!

Can you guys make out Dennis Dixon on there?
 Once back I was starving and wanted to grab lunch before class.  The local market had sweet potatoes with marshmellows.  I tried them but they were pretty disgusting compared to my mom's!
 I also walked by Lululemon!  I wish I could be running with the Bridgeport lulu group today!

Since Thanksgiving is over, the Christmas decorations are up in full force.  I think it's hilarious that they sell Christmas trees on the sidewalks from stands here.  It's like walking through a mini forest every few blocks. But you can tell they definitely sell a lot more tiny trees here because of the ridiculously small size of most people's apartments here in this expensive city.

My RA's had this sign up outside their door.  A good reminder, right?

  But then it was back to class.  Hard to smile about that.  I sat through another politics class that felt like a math course.  Look at these notes!

And now it is the first few days of Hannukah!  I put up my little menorah, and laid out some gelt and dreidels.  My roommate also put up a cute little tiny Christmas tree.  I decided to have a Hannukah party last night and it was quite fun.  Pictures of the party to come in the next post.

Shhh...don't report me for lighting candles in the dorm.

Since I have been here I've also gone on some runs and tried out my mom's super cool garmin.  It uses satellites to track your location, distance, pace, etc.  I did a 5k on Thursday and 5 miles on the treadmill watching the Ducks beat the Beavers today!  Woohoo!  We're going to Arizona baby!

I also had a little incident involving my phone...let's just say dropping your iPhone is not a good thing to do.  

So now it's Saturday night.  I just got done cooking giant batches of veggie soup and chili to eat throughout the week.  Not very exciting.  Sorry for the super random post.  Hope everyone is having a good weekend! See you all soon!

<3 from NYC

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